Tuesday 5 March 2019

Why science engine

The thought behind this project is to build a science engine for education purposes. We are completely different from things like Wolfram Alpha because we will not focus on the end result. We want to focus on the process of computation so that it has learning value for students.
Over the years there is an increase in the usage of technology in education. Unfortunately, the usage of technology has not changed the basic structure of how education is imparted. For example, there is a significant move towards e-books but they are just digitized version of paper books. Technology is not really leveraged to make consumption of education more effective.
Replacing blackboards with PowerPoint and books with iPads is not really effective use of technology in imparting education. We inherently believe that education is a social process and there is more to be gained by students interaction among themselves.
Here is what we are planning on building as part of our platform.

  • How to present better content e.g. VideoScribe, Simulation models
  • Matching of content based on the context
  • A virtual model of scientific concepts
  • How students interact with each other and flow of information across them, building knowledge graphs
  • Auto Problem Generators and Auto Problem Solvers
Please stay tuned on more development on this front. We will keep on posting updates here.

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